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Venturing Area One - November Leadership Conference:
When: November 13-15, 2015.
Where: Menomonie, Wisconsin, Country Inn & Suites
Events: Classes On Venturing, Classes on Leadership, Communications Skills, Building Your Crew, Games, Fun, Meeting Crazy People Just Like You
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Boy Scout Troops & Venturing Crews Recruiting Tips

Simply put, it is easier to attract the attention of Cub Scout aged kids and their parents when talking about scouting.  As a result, the same recruiting methods that Cub Scout Packs use are not always effective for Troops and Crews.  Troop and Crew Leadership are encouraged to use this guide, and to participate in the recruitment programs, however they are also encouraged to do the following:

Activities and Civic Service


Scouting Means Doing The Northern Star Council offers programs for young men and young women to be active and grow through hands-on experiences.  To supplement your unit program, a wide range of activities and service projects, see:

The listed events are a great opportunity to ask friends to come out and see what really happens in Scouting and Venturing.

Host an “Invite a Friend” Competition or Event

Challenge your current Boy Scouts and/or Venturing Scouts to each bring a friend (or friends) to an upcoming event.  Make it a friendly competition, offer prizes or incentives to your scouts if possible.  For teens, the best way to get them to come to an event is for a friend to invite them.

Incentive Idea!!! When a Unit event has a cost associated with it...  Tell your Scouts that if they bring a friend who subsequently joins your Scout Unit, that there will be no charge to either one for the event.


Contact Guidance Counselors

Scouting is generally recognized as a great extracurricular activity on college applications and resumes.  Contact your Middle School and High School Guidance Counselors and share your contact information and a little about your program with them.  They have ample opportunity to pass on the information to the students who might be interested. 

S.O.S. (Sisters of Scouts)

Don’t forget to look in your own backyard for new Venturing Scouts. Many of our scouting families may have sisters, daughters, nieces, granddaughters or other who are interested and eligible for the Venturing Program.

updated 10/6/15

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