Thursday, January 18, 2018
Recruitment Team

Recruitment Chair

Kim Shannon

Cub Scout Recruitment

Paul Craig

Boy Scout Recruitment

Mark Andres

Committee/Tips for Successful Recruiting
Role Name Phone
Lions Justin Dettmann
Cub Scout Recruitment
Paul Craig
Webelos Transitions Theresa McNulty 651-269-4717
Boy Scout Recruitment Mark Andres 612-207-6673
Venturing Recruitment VACANT
New Units VACANT
Membership Chair Kim Shannon 612-827-4565

General BSA Recruiting Tips & Guidelines

 Be Creative.  While a table with information and application on it may have a chance of bringing new scouts to your unit, it can be much more successful by adding an activity such as a photo displays of your unit in action, Raingutter Regatta track, Pinewood Derby track, model camp site, or campfire (as location allows). 

 Don’t Just Recruit the Kids…Recruit Families!  While at an event or sign up night make sure you pass both a Youth Application and Adult Application to each adult/youth pair that approaches you.  Encourage the parent to fill out both and explain to them that Scouting is a volunteer run organization and that the success of your local group depends on the willingness of parents to help out in some capacity.  You can finalize how they will help and what role they will fill (Committee, Den Leader, etc) at a later time. 

 Respect Parents Time. Parents who are interested in signing their children up for scouting don’t always have to be sold on scouting.  In fact, they are usually used to the same procedures that sporting programs use – they arrive at the recruitment night ready to fill out the application and pay that night.  Make sure they receive an application the first time you engage them and make every effort to collect the application from them at the same event.  If the application is completed, signed and paid for as soon as possible, then their son can jump immediately into your program and you won’t waste your time or the parents’ time tracking down applications and money. 

 Once the application is complete, bring it to the Northern Star Council office as soon as you can. If one of your unit leaders can’t turn them in quickly, a Commissioner or member of the Field Staff will make arrangements to pick it up for you.  This will ensure that the scout is covered under BSA’s insurance should an incident occur.  It also allows for the Council to immediately being assisting the Pack with advancement tracking.

 Use the Uniform.  Scouting has a great tool in the uniform as it is widely recognized among the public.  Having leaders and scouts in their Field Uniform will make it clear what you are representing at recruiting events.  Always consider having your scouts wear their uniform to school the day of a Boy Talk or recruiting event to raise awareness and attention. 

 Alternate Communication.  Each community has its own unique ways of promoting community events.  Make sure that your recruiting and other scouting events are in your town’s community bulletins, church bulletins, websites or other channels that are available. 

 Unit Fact Sheet.  Each Pack, Troop and Crew is highly encouraged to create a one-page Fact Sheet for use at all recruitment events and whenever appropriate.  This sheet is intended to be an overview of your unit for all new families and leaders.  You should also forward copies to your Commissioner, Membership Chairman, District Executive, sister units (Pack, Troop, Crew) so they can have information about your unit to share with your prospective families.

 updated 10/23/15

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